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you smiled and took me to your burrow
that's where we used to spend the nights
distant to the city lights
you made me who I am today

we are late the rabbit tells me
an afterthought drifts on the ground
we dream aloud yet make no sound
the cogs must never find us here

I say that I will never leave you
I'm always calm when telling lies
you wrap yourself in painful sighs
it wasn't meant to end like this

now you're sitting in the shadows
you see me reaching for my keys
a pillow clamped between your knees
your eyes are bleeding pigeon blue

you ask me things I do not know
my cab is waiting, can't you see
just for a glimpse it's you and me
a thousand miles away from here

I watch the city from the backseat
a blurry, rain soaked, neon dream
the future path remains unseen
I'm glad you're sitting next to me