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Grand Guignol

I cut the phone and ate your dad
I shot your boyfriend in the head
I skinned your dog and raped your mum
inside her wounds you'll find my cum

tumbling over stones and fences
fear consuming all your senses
slow and steady I'm on follow
your fear I sense, your scent I swallow

I watch you crawling on all fours
so much pain for you in stores
I guess I'll roast you on a spit
you might faint ... if I permit

sad to see you've given up
all you do is sob, sob, sob
where's my little scratching cat
drenched in puke you look so fat

I watched you since you were a teen
adored you as the prom night queen
but being pretty has its price
your sweaty tits I'll have to slice

I dont wear masks, dont have a name
for what I am, no one's to blame
I'm just a boy who loves to play
a little game of hack and slay